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Teks® 1 Self-Drilling Fastener - LIGHT DUTY

Teks 1 Metal Fastener

Point to thread design maximizes pull-out performance and minimizes backout.

Unique point to thread ratio extrudes metal during installation, preventing stripout.

Patented ABOT™ Anti-backout threadform is available on ¼-14x7/8” Teks 1.

Sharp convex drill point has precise cutting edges to improve drill performance with less effort.

Non-walking point provides fast material engagement.

Climaseal® finish provides excellent corrosion resistance and lower tapping torque.

Teks® 1

110705310-16 X 3/4" HWH
110905312-14 X 3/4" HWH
13990531/4-14 X 7/8" HWH

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