Our History

Most fastener houses operate about the same way. Find a building, buy as much and varied inventory as possible and hope that the customers that walk in need something that you have. While our inventory is diverse we operate differently. Founded in the early 90’s in Tampa, Florida we watch your buying patterns and purchase stock accordingly. Our inventory is not for everyone, it is for our customers. We serve manufacturers in virtually all industries. Because we pull stock from multiple warehouse locations, we can effectively service companies with multiple domestic or international locations.

In today’s economy , it is critical that we support the quality and value of American made products. We stock domestically made fasteners because we believe that they are more durable, traceable and made to a more exacting standard. Please allow us to recommend a domestic fastener in your next project because in the long run quality is always the true money saver.

We distribute many of the fastener industry’s top lines. Buildex and Red head feature product lines that are certified Made in USA and many qualify for use under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Bay Fasteners & Components continues to evolve to be a true partner to our customer base. From the way that we use your part numbers on our labels to fabricating the exact part needed for a new prototype, our focus has always been to lead by example. We are not your typical fastener house, we are Bay Fasteners and Components.

For more information, please call 1-800-875-8383

Specializing in fasteners made of titanium and other exotic, hard to find alloys.