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What is thread pitch?

Thread pitch is simply the number of threads per inch(American) or the distance between threads(Metric) When you see a bolt designated as a 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" is the diameter, 20 threads per inch and 1-1/4" in length

Conversion Chart

One of the most critical issues in our industry is the correct identification and use of threaded fasteners. Because both imperial and metric bolts are used in the United States, it is easy to confuse them because they are close in size.

Head marking is one of the ways that we distinguish between imperial and metric bolts. Imperial bolts usually have three, six or nine small lines on the head. Metric bolts usually are identified with the grade of the bolt imprinted on the head(8.8 or 10.9). The following chart shows thread pitch of both imperial and metric bolts, tensile strength and head markings.

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